I’m Back…

It’s obviously been a long time since GuitarCardio (or this blog) has gotten any love from a product perspective. I’ve been working on a new business, and other things (including this site, and my guitar practice) have suffered. And yet, GuitarCardio continues to get thousands of hits from around the world – people still find the tool useful.

But there’s good news! I’m working on the iPhone/iPad version of GuitarCardio – with more scale shapes, built-in metronome, and animated tabs. This is your all-in-one, go-anywhere practice tool. I’m still deciding whether to add certain features (built-in tuner? alternate tunings? hmm…), and the price (it won’t be much, and the web site will always be free), but I’m going to have this thing in the app store in the next few weeks.

And after *that*, this site is going to get an overhaul – including the addition of all the new scale fingerings I put in the mobile app.

So please, let me know if there are must-have features that you’d like in the app (or on the web version), and give a shout if you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and you’d like to test early versions of the app.



#1 Kristian on 11.16.11 at 3:48 pm

I Just found your site a couple of weeks ago. And I think it’s great!!
Unfortunatly I don’t have an IPhone, so I wont be able to enjoy the app:-(
But still I have your site:-)
A metronome feature in the web version would kick ass!
And if that metroneme would have the feature to choose to select highlighted triplets, sixteenth, etc. like
(triplets) TA DA DA TA DA DA it would be even better, ( I think :-)). Hope you understand what I mean, though swedish is my native language 🙂


#2 Brad on 11.16.11 at 3:52 pm

Kristian – Welcome! I’m glad you’re enjoying the site. (And don’t worry about your English – it’s great!)

Thanks for the metronome suggestion. It has definitely crossed my mind before, and knowing that someone else wants it makes it more likely to get done.

#3 Will on 11.25.11 at 8:51 am

Hi Brad!

You may recall me sending you a lengthly email of praise and suggestions about G C a couple of years ago. I have an IPad and would love to beta test. I’ll also buy the finished app. Is it possible to make it fully functional without a data connection? A paired down version that does work offline would be my feature request.

Many thanks for your efforts! 🙂

#4 Brad on 01.03.12 at 10:23 am

Will –

Sorry I took so long getting back to you – and thanks for your kind words.

The GC app for iOS will be 100% usable without a network connection. This is going to be a standalone, native app.

– Brad

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